Time to relax

Waterfront wellness

Around park: 5km

Wellness by the water

Combine your stay with us with a day of relaxation at the Maarsseveense Plassen.

At Thermen Maarssen (17 km from our park), you can enjoy a refreshing massage, facial treatments, various saunas and plunge pools. 

Its location on the water makes it the perfect place to experience peace and luxury.


Ultimate enjoyment


At Thermen Maarssen, enjoy:

  • Indoor pool with whirlpool
  • Banya
  • Amphi cabin with automatic infusion
  • Outdoor pool with whirlpool
  • Caldarium
  • Plunge pool
  • Infrared cabin
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Singing bowls / relaxation room
  • Colour therapy room
  • Lavender cabin
  • Lounge cabin
  • Marrakesh cabin
  • Spray shower
  • Fireplace cabin
  • Heated cabin
  • Palm island
  • Sauna on the water
  • Restaurant
  • Garden
  • Jetty
  • Eastern square footbath
  • Waterbeds
  • Waterfall cabin
  • Salt crystal cabin

Where do I find Thermen Maarssen

Thermen Maarssen is just 17 km away from our park in Loosdrecht. 

Westbroekse Binnenweg 2a in Tienhoven (Maarssen)


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