Water sports vacation

Water sports vacation in the Netherlands

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  • Luxury vacation villas
  • Located directly by the water
  • Valhalla for water sports enthusiasts

Be active during a water sports vacation in the Netherlands

You have come to the right place at MarinaParken for an active water sports vacation in the Netherlands. You can go swimming, boating, water skiing, surfing, fishing, sailing, canoeing, and much more at our vacation resorts. MarinaParken has two different locations. MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn is located at the Nederrijn in Maurik, and MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht is located at the Loosdrechtse Plassen in Loosdrecht. Both resorts offer plenty of opportunities for a water sports vacation. You will stay in a luxurious and modernly furnished vacation villa at our resorts. At MarinaParken, it is all about the ultimate in enjoyment. When can we welcome you?

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Water sports vacation at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn

Do you want to enjoy water sports during your vacation? You can at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn in Gelderland. With its unique location on the Rijnbandijk near Maurik, this MarinaPark resort is perfect for people who want to go on a water sports vacation in the Netherlands. Would you prefer to practice a different water sport during your vacation? You can also do that at MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn. For example, you can go sailing, water skiing, surfing, and much more. If you do not want to be active for a while, you can enjoy relaxing on one of the many beaches. The resort has several different vacation villas for rent that offer stunning views. When will you come and enjoy your water sports vacation at MarinaParken?

Why MarinaParken:

  • Unique, Triple-A locations
  • Exclusive and sustainable villas
  • Located directly by the water
  • Plenty of water sports offerings
  • Fun all year round for young and old
  • Bicycling and hiking routes in the area

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MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn
Netherlands - Gelderland

MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht
Netherlands - North Holland

Water sports at MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht

Our other resort, MarinaPark Residentie Nieuw Loosdrecht, is located on a headland on the Nieuw Loosdrechtsedijk and has a connection to Lake Stille. Currently, this resort is still under construction. The Loosdrecht Lakes are made up of five different lakes that are connected to each other. As a result, it is the perfect place for a water sports vacation for water sports enthusiasts of all levels. At the resort, there are luxurious and modern villas. Each villa has its own jetty. Therefore, you can also take your boat with you on your water sports vacation in the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions

✦ Where can I book a water sports vacation in the Netherlands?

You can book awater sports vacation at MarinaParken. We have vacation resorts along the Nederrijn and Loosdrecht Lakes, where there are many water sports opportunities, such as water skiing, sailing, canoeing, and much more! Our resorts also have a private marina.

✦ Where can I rent a vacation home by the water?

At MarinaParken! We have a wide selection of luxury waterfront vacation homes available at our resorts in Maurik and Loosdrecht. Our resorts are perfect for a water sports vacation in the Netherlands. When can we welcome you?