Zuylen Castle


Around park: 3km

De Avontuurfabriek 

If you are looking for a fun adventure outing during your vacation, the Adventure Factory (Avontuurfabriek) is the ideal location. They offer lots of activities; so there is a fun option for everyone, whether you go with family, relatives, friends or colleagues. Some of the activities include: bubble soccer, escape room, laser gaming, paintball, survival track, 3D Fluor Golf and karting.


Ride a Solex, electric scooter or Segway

Those who love nostalgia, love the Solex. A ride on this old-fashioned moped makes any group outing surprisingly different. Ride through the most amazing natural beauty, along canals and houses. Choose a great route and set off with the instructor. Want to combine a ride on the Solex, electric scooter or Segway with another activity? There is plenty more to do in Het Gooi! 


Go kayaking or paddleboarding in Vuntus

On the western side of the Loosdrechtse Plassen, you will come across the Vuntus area. Motor boats are not allowed in this area. This makes it an area where you can completely relax and enjoy the silence and the beautiful surroundings.  If you are looking for a relaxed but active thing to do, this is the perfect area to go paddleboarding or kayaking. Cruise the various canals and ditches and view the unique landscape. 


Indoor Play Paradise Spelekids

The best play paradise in Het Gooi. Every child is a real VIP, or a Very Important Panda, at Spelekids in Loosdrecht. This indoor playground is a paradise for any child. They will slide, climb, jump and spin around to their hearts' content. The house of mascot Peter Panda is open for children to play inside. You might even meet Peter Panda himself! Jump on the trampolines. Who is brave enough? There are some great extras each week as well. 


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