Cycling and hiking routes

Cycling and hiking routes

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From mountain biking to blossom tours

A walhalla for the cyclists among us. Do you love cycling? Then the Betuwe is the place to be. Mountain bikers will find the most varied paths and routes in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug nature reserve opposite our park. But also for tourist cyclists, this place is the perfect base to discover the most beautiful spots for hours. Usually in spring, the blossom is in full bloom and various routes lead you along the colourful orchards and narrow winding dykes. 

Tip: The Blossom route is a three-day cycle route that leads you past the white and pink blossoms. Want to know exactly when the blossom is at its best? Then download the Bloesemalert app from the App or PlayStore or click here for more information. 

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