MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn

Hikers' cabin

MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn

Netherlands - Gelderland
MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn offers you the possibility to spend your vacation in a luxurious and sustainable vacation villa located at the waterfront. Enjoy the surroundings with plenty of water in Maurik.
  • Plenty of water sports options
  • Located directly on the Lower Rhine
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MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn, Maurik



  1. Plenty of water sports options
  2. Parking lot
  3. Laundromat
  4. Located directly on the Lower Rhine


  1. Pans
  2. Cutlery
  3. Brasserie de Loswal
  4. Kettle


  1. Bunk bed


  1. Outdoor terrace
  2. View of the water


Ideal for cyclists, backpackers and hikers.

The hikers' cabins are the ideal starting point to explore the Betuwe. 
- No comforters or blankets are provided, only pillows and a fitted sheet around the mattress. 
- Heating possible for a fee
- Stove with 3 burners
- Kettle (on stove)
- Full small inventory; tea glasses, plates, cutlery, knives, etc. 
- Dish sink
- Sanitary facility 5 meters away
- Parking facilities 
- Picnic table outside