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MarinaPark Bad Nederrijn, Maurik



  1. Laundromat
  2. Pet-friendly
  3. Water points
  4. Playground
  5. Electricity connection
  6. Parking lot
  7. Free WiFi
  8. Located directly on the Lower Rhine
  9. Plenty of water sports options


  1. By the water


  1. Brasserie de Loswal


A lovely place to be. The site is 8 hectares in size, but has only 83 camping pithces, ensuring a lot of privacy!

Stay at our beautiful campsite in the heart of the Betuwe. Due to the location of our campsite, you are assured of peace in a beautiful environment. Most camping pitches even have a view of the water or the marina.

The facilities of the campsite and marina are excellent. The sanitary facilities meet the high standards that guests nowadays place on a comfortable stay. In short, the level is of such a high standard that this is a great place to stay.

Starting from the campsite you can enjoy the water and nature. Going on the water with a boat, a lovely walk, or a bike ride over the winding dikes, is definitely something to do.